The silent workers

What would major events be without volunteers? People who selflessly give up their free time, their work or studies for a few days to be part of the gear of the big sporting events.

In the case of the BWF World Junior Championships in Santander, a total of 140 line judges plus 22 volunteers make up this great team of people.

From the association “Volunteers for almost everything”, Antonio’s great team is in charge of making sure that the rest of the teammates do not lack water or food as well as doing the access control.

On the other hand, the 140 line judges are in charge of supporting the court referees and mopping when necessary.

Every day, these court assistants, who come mainly from TAFAD and clubs in the province, spend countless hours working to ensure that the tournament runs fairly for all participants.

Mrs. María Luisa Pérez de la Torre, president of the Cantabrian Badminton Federation comments that the biggest challenges they have faced in putting together this great team is communication, with the teachers from the TAFAD centres and when it comes to spreading the word about the need for staff. However, one thing that has been clear to them from the outset is the willingness of the support staff to commit themselves.

Thanks to the 10 line judge courses given, we can now count on all these valuable assets in the tournament. Moreover, all this serves as a boost for future technical officials, as many of them have already confessed that they are curious about refereeing and that one day, with a lot of effort, they will be able to officiate matches at a high level.

Thank you all for your good will, your collaboration and the love you feel for this sport.