The ten players who were the chosen ones for the world throne in Santander

The morning began calmly at the Palacio de los deportes de Santander. Very clean, high-intensity rallies were the tone of the day on Saturday. Very few matches have been resolved in three games, despite this apparent forcefulness in the victories, the young world stars, have been delivered to the limit at each crossing of the table.

Quality has been enjoyed by the audience at La Ballena de Santander. A public that has given a lot of funny moments, since a good part of them were the teammates of the semifinalists, who after 14 days of coexistence have given an example of sportsmanship, respect and fun.

The finalists that we will see tomorrow in the Sardinero are:

Men’s Singles:

  • S. Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian (India)
  • Kuo Kuan Lin (Chinese Taipei)

Women’s Singles:

  • Yuan An Qi (China)
  • Tomoka Miyazaki (Japan)

Mixed Doubles:

  • Zhu Yi Jun – Liu Sheng Shu (China)
  • Liao Pin Yi – Huang Ke Xin (China)

Men’s Doubles:

  • Erwiansyah – Rindorindo (Indonesia)
  • Xu Hua Yu – Zhu Yi Jun (China

Women’s Doubles:

  • Puspita Sari – Rose (Indonesia)
  • Liu Sheng Shu – Wang Ting Ge (China)

The finals will start on Sunday at 13:00h and they are available on the Spanish Badminton Federation’s Youtube channel. Although, if you are wondering what is the best way to follow every detail of what happens on court, we are pleased to welcome you at the Palacio de los Deportes de Santander and experience it live.