The luthiers of future stars

Athlete’s main tools are his body and his mind. However, a badminton player without a racket is no table to perform.

The string services team is responsible for players‘ instrument. A team full of professionals, who tune the elite’s rackets of this sport.

When we mention splendid professionals, we take a look at the work of Tim Willis, a brilliant reference throughout the world.

In an event like the BWF World Junior Championship, around 1000 rackets can be strung, which means weaving 10 km of strings aprox., as 9 m of string are needed for every racket.

In order to cope with this high flow of work, the team has 7 members of 4 different nationalities with the capacity to string rackets at a rate of 25 to 35 rackets per working day. This means that 2 to 3 rackets are ready per hour.

The team moves around the globe in order to attend to highest level events. There, apart from attending to the specificities indicated by each athlete, they also make suggestions or recommend the players to optimise the performance of their strings.

It is a pleasure to rely on Mr. Willis and his team at this BWF World Junior Championships in Santander.

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