Elite physiotherapy. In the hands of Lorena Uslé

One of the reference doubles players par excellence in Spain, with an incomparable track record in her backpack, Lorena Uslé, decided to close her stage as an elite badminton player this year and focus on her career as a sports physiotherapist.

She feels very pleased to experience an event like the BWF World Junior Championships from the side of the organisation, and even more so in Cantabria, the place where she was born. This has been her opportunity to see personally all the work behind an event like this, something she kind of always knew, and now allows her to complete her competition experience.

She is also excited to work with the current Spanish team and to share with such high-level players everything she learned first-hand.

An opportunity that now seems unique, but that in the future could become a daily reality, as her goal is to work with the best badminton players in the world one day.

Although she does not miss the court right now, badminton has been a very important and beautiful part of her life. Lorena closed her brilliant career at the Uber Cup, sharing the court with Beatriz Corrales against the Chinese Chen Qin Cheng and Jia Yi Fan, current world champions. A golden brooch that few can dream of.

There is no doubt that the physiotherapist of the national team has a promising future ahead of her, full of challenges, exciting experiences and lots of sport, although this time, from a different perspective.