We are Badminton

The love that all of us who are part of the badminton family worldwide want to take care of this sport and that every day there are more of us. For this reason, the world federation created the I am Badminton campaign.

The BWF World Junior Championships is a privileged showcase for this programme to reach young athletes, an audience of great importance for this brilliant proposal of BWF.

At a stand at the entrance of the Palacio de los Deportes in Santander, a canvas has been set up where all participants can sign, leave messages and have their photos taken. They also receive information about the campaign, which covers topics such as doping, integrity, fair play, ethics, health, respect, manipulation of results, etc.

They also have access to competitions, educational material and further information on the campaign issues.

It is important that all of us who take part on this sport have access to this training and, from time to time, can reflect on these issues. For this reason, there is a specific section on the BWF website where you can learn more about the campaign.

In addition to this, the BWF has recruited ambassadors to lead by example and spread the I am Badminton message around the world. Great figures such as Pursala V.Shindu, Carolina Marín, Pablo Abián or Jack Sheppard offer their image to spread the message to all badminton participants.

If you want to know more about this campaign and everything it offers, click on this link and join us: https://cutt.ly/tNgGcgP