The world’s talent coaches

No doubt players are the real protagonists. However, on their way to the top, they relie on the work of many professionals.

Coach is the most important one. Because they are who patiently study the sport and look for ways to get the best out of their players’ talent.

It has been months of hard work full of great coordination difficulties, since the members of the national teams often live miles away from each other and have their own competition schedules. This means that coaches have to be very careful when scheduling national team training camps and preparation tournaments.

When travelling to an event as big as this one, with two tournaments in one and so many badminton athletes, it is a big challenge to fit in the transfers of all the participants and the small incidents that arise such as lost luggage or transport delays.
However, this effort is rewarded in the satisfaction of seeing how these future stars learn to manage their careers, and to overcome all the obstacles they have inside and triumph on the tatami and transfer it to their lives as well.

Undoubtedly, having a good coach beside you and ready to lend a helping hand makes the player’s life easier. The leap from junior to senior is so big that coaches take special care of them in order to reach their best version for the future. The coaches of this Junior World Championship predict a brilliant career for their pupils, trusting in their work and in the passion that the young champions bring.

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