Cantabria: infinite potential

Cantabria is the perfect destination for those who love sports and adventure. The unique natural environment of the region offers the ideal natural resources for carrying out endless sports activities.

Over 200 km of coastline, rugged mountains, lively rivers, and a underground paradise, makes Cantabria an ideal destination for activities such as sailing, surfing, canoeing, rafting, climbing, skiing…

In addition to the privileged natural environment, Cantabria has a powerful offer of clubs and sports facilities whose competitions almost completely fulfill the Cantabrian calendar, attracting thousands of athletes from other regions throughout the year. They come attracted, not only by the quality of the sports competitions, but also for the magnificent offer if tourist attractions, accommodations and gastronomy that Cantabria ensures an unforgettable experience, both for athletes and their companions.

On top of all that, Cantabria treasures a long tradition of internationally renowned athletes such as Severiano Ballesteros, Oscar Freire, Chus Puras, Ruth Beitia, José Manuel Abascal, Paco Gento and so many more who, through the years, have positioned Cantabria on the international sports scene, attracting thousands of sports fans, hoping to discover the land that saw some of their idols take their first steps

The Descenso Internacional del Deva and the Derby de Loredo, events declared of ‘Tourist Interest’, attract thousands of tourists to Cantabria every year, demonstrating the potential of the union between tourism and sport.