BWF podium awaits medal distribution

We already have the candidates to crown the top of the world throne. Now we just need to know who will win each metal.

Heart-stopping matches have filled the Palacio de los Deportes de Santander today with the screams of maddened fans. Today’s matchday has cast doubt on that famous serious oriental character, as moments of great emotion have been witnessed in the arena of the Palacio de los Deportes of the beautiful capital of the Cantabrian Sea.

Here you have the list of warriors for Saturday, which promises battles of an astronomical level.

Men’s singles:

– Kuo Kuan Lin (Korea)

– Byun Jae Kim (Korea)

– S.Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian (India)

– Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul (Thailand)

Women’s Singles:

– Sorano Yoshikawa (Japan)

– Tomoka Miyazaki (Japón)

– Ester Nurumi Tri Wardoyo (Indonesia)

– Yuan An Qui (China)

Mixed Doubles:

– Shen – Li (China)

– Zhu – Liu (China)

– Yu – Quin (China)

– Liao – Huang (China)

Men’s Doubles:

– Cho – Park (Corea)

– Erwiansyah – Rindorindo (Indonesia)

– Xu – Zhu (China)

– Gaterahong – Jintamutta (Thailand)

Women’s Doubles:

– Puspita Sare – Rose (Indonesia)

– Kiyama – Muroya (Japan)

– Ishikawa – Kiyoshe (Japan)

– Liu – Wang (China)

These results show us that, despite the great work that is being done all over the world, training players and coaches getting better and better, the Asian reign in this sport remains. However, we must congratulate the great work of all the athletes and coaches who every day give their best to make this sport a real show full of emotion and moments of great beauty.