Intensity rises on the second day of the World Junior Championships

The stakes are rising at this year’s BWF World Junior Championships in Santander. Although the day’s results were generally predictable, it was clear that the future champions bring a great deal of technical wizardry and passion for badminton in their racquets.

Spain surprised their fans, beating a very tough Hong Kong China by 3 games to 2. An opponent which could seem able to defeat the host team was not successful, since Spain has fought powerfully everytime to taste the victory. However, tomorrow they face formidable Estonia, who promises not to make be a piece of cake for the Spaniards to top Group F.

Australia were also on the verge of surorising, and with a very competitive team they almost managed to topple India, one of the countries with the longest tradition in the tournament. In the end, the Asian side came out on top by a narrow 3-2 scoreline.

Tomorrow’s ties are expected to be very tense, such as Indonesia vs Malaysia, or perhaps the Ukraine and Hungary will put on a great show in their clash.

If you want to see all the details live, go to the Youtube channel of the Spanish Badminton Federation at the following link: