Final preparations to begin the BWF Badminton World Championships in Santander

The organization of the third most important badminton event in the world involves a monumental amount of work, which is paying off at the mythical Ballena venue in El Sardinero. During the last days before starting this 2022 edition in the Cantabrian capital, details are being taken into account, such as the assignment of roles and the identification of participants and working partners. Knowing people perfectly is key to carry the work out accurately in the venue and achieve our goal: an event which runs smoothly.

Around 1300 accreditations have been prepared for this event, divided into 7 categories among staff, participants, volunteers, judges, authorities and working partners.

Carmen Denebola, responsible for accreditation section, starts the process receiving all the information of the different people who will come to this Palacio de los Deportes de Santander. She verifies their information and, working hand in hand with other staff members, identification cards are shaped, so that people can enjoy the best badminton in the world displayed in Santander.

It is a lifetime opportunity to see an event like this. Don’t miss it!