Badminton Law Officers

Just as we have the best junior badminton players in the world, we must also have the best umpires.

A selection of 32 umpires from 4 of the five continents, accompanied by 8 line judges, 5 referees and 2 assessors.

More than 30 different nationalities make up this great team that ensures that the matches are played under the fairest possible conditions.

As this is an event where matches are played all day long, the biggest challenge is to fit in transport and meal times with so many staff with different schedules. In order to be in the best conditions, people in charge of this group organise work shifts that allow the technical officials to have breaks.

For the individual tournament, we also have the presence of two key agents in the development of umpiring careers, the assessors. In this case, the great lady of refereeing, Carol Ui and another world reference, Christian Johannenssen. A luxury that the umpires of this competition are taking full advantage of, as the main task of the advisors is to observe and support the continuous improvement of these professionals.

A group that is constantly renewing itself to offer the highest quality in each event and that never ceases to seek continuous improvement.