The quarters finals are on the table in Santander 2022

There are just three rounds left to decide the new world champions with the capital of Cantabria as a privileged witness.

The round of 16 has offered us some excellent battles between the best junior players in the world. With exciting duels in which, in some cases, countries new to these world championship rounds have been able to show the old glories of Asia that they should get their act together, as they have come to shake their reign.

Names such as Alex Lanier have been strongly mentioned in the pools of podium contenders. The Frenchman has only won one match to 3 games, the rest was solved with solvency in two sets, making it clear that he has come for everything. Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul also sounds strong in the pools after clearing the way with great authority.

In the women’s singles draw, the presence of American Ella Lin stands out among all the great Asian players. Today she beat second seed Sirada Roongpiboonsopit in three intense games 21-11, 15-21, 21-15.

In the mixed doubles draw only one seeded pair remains, the Danes Johansen-Braüner. The rest of the favourites were defeated one by one. This category is leaving duels of very high voltage, as witnessed this morning in which the duo Yu Hao and Quin Hui Zhi (China) has overcome the seeded 9, the Indonesians Faza-Rismawardani in a duel of more than an hour.

The women’s doubles is the event with the fewest surprises. Although there is quite a variety of nationalities, with Japan leading the way with two pairings that raise the question of whether we are facing the new Fukushima-Hirota. The other candidates for the podium vary in flags between France, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand.

Finally, in the men’s doubles there are not many surprises either, as in the same women’s event, where the most outstanding feature is the permanence of the number two seeds, the Spaniards Ruben García and Dani Franco. The nationals continue to give joy to their fans in the best possible way. A dedicated crowd, with extra support from the Oviedo Badminton Club delegation, witnessed the resounding victory for the Andalusians.

The quarter finals are on fire in the capital of the Sardinero. Don’t miss any details as the quality continues to grow and the talent of these players seems as infinite as the green meadows of Cantabria. Don’t miss a thing!