Sport for everyone everywhere. Air Badminton

As part of the BWF’s goal of continuing to expand badminton around the world, Air Badminton has emerged. A discipline in full development that is already beginning to find its place in Spain.

For this reason, during the BWF World Junior Championships has been used to publicise this initiative. As star guests at the badminton party, schools and institutes from all over Cantabria go to the Palacio de los Deportes de Santander every day.

To complete their experience at the event, as well as being able to watch matches at the highest level, pupils can try out Air Badminton on the courts located outside the pavilion. At a rate of 6 schools a day, the pupils enjoy games adapted to the age of each group.

As for the progress of the discipline, Spain has the honour of being one of the pioneers with a test event organised in 2021 in Elche, where the air shuttle tests were also carried out at its university. The federation is currently preparing a national Air Badminton circuit with the extra boost of having won bronze at the Urban Series in Utrecht. In addition to the participation of the national team, Spain had Marina de Rojas on the refereeing team.

As a novelty compared to conventional badminton, this discipline has a new playing field, which is sand and can be played with teams of 3 against 3, apart from the fact that, obviously, it is played outdoors.

Air Badminton has made a strong entry into the field of outdoor sports, as it will be part of the World Beach Games in Bali in 2023.

Want to try it out? Join us at the Palacio de los Deportes in Santander and, as well as being able to see the best young shuttlecock players, you’ll be able to practice it.